Claim significant deductions

Owners of commercial property can claim significant depreciation deductions each financial year. This decline in value tax deduction is split into two components for the purpose of claiming:

Capital works deductions

Capital works deductions

Also known as building write-off this deduction is available for the depreciation of the building's structure. It is based on the historical construction costs of the building and includes the bricks, mortar, walls, flooring, wiring, windows, doors and other items the Australian Tax Office (ATO) deem to be fixed permanently to the building.

Plant and equipment

Plant and equipment

Plant and equipment refers to items which can be easily removed from the property. Plant and equipment assets can be claimed by property owners in two ways:
  • Assets are owned by the property owner not the tenant
  • The tenant has vacated the building and left previous assets from a fit-out behind.
The ATO advises that the owner of any commercial property in which construction commenced after 20th July 1982 is eligible to claim capital works deductions. However if your property was built before this date there may still be deductions available to claim,
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Case studies

See the case studies below for some of the typical deductions we have found for a range of commercial properties.

Warehouse purchase price:
$1 million
Dairy farm purchase price:
$3.6 million
Office building purchase price:
$1.1 million
$1.1 million
Small warehouse purchase price:
Retail shop:
$2 million
Cattle farm purchase price:
$2.1 million
Poultry farm purchase price:
$2.1 million
Sheep farm purchase price:
$2.6 million
Vineyard purchase price:
$4.5 million

How do I organise a schedule?

Engaging BMT Tax Depreciation to complete a commercial depreciation schedule for your property can mean that you’re able to claim back thousands in deductions each financial year.

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